Not able to run the process from Orchestrator

Hello Team,

Currently i am using the new orchestrator community edition which has only modern folders. Here, i have created attended and unattended robot for a user (myself) in USERS table under TENENT level.

And then i have created a machine template (Ex:-Test_Machine) with one unattended bot slot. Finally i have connected the machine template with the UiPath Assistance. When i run the process from Uipath Assistance, it works. But i when i run from the orchestrator after allocating user, machine template and connected machine, It does’t runs. and also its not throwing any error. simply it stays in pending status.

can anyone help to resolve this issue?

To simplify the exact scenario, i have a user created with attended and unattended bot. Then a machine template with one unattended slot. a modern folder containing simple process (like just opening a browser) and then have assigned the users and machine to that modern folder.

Note:- i have tried with standard machine too, but not able to start the process from orchestrator. as i mentioned earlier it stays in pending status and doesn’t ends.

PFA. When i start the process from UiPath assistance it works. But then when i start the process from Orchestrator, it doesn’t. Simply stays it pending status until i explicitly kill or stop them.