Trouble passing data through DataTables

Hi everyone,
I’m having a bit of a problem understanding the fundementals of the DataTable in UiPath. I seem to be able to understand and visualize the data I’m handling when I use ‘Build Data Table’ and manually insert values for the rows/columns but I’m having trouble reading a CSV file column, passing the data into a Data Table Column, creating another column in the UiPath Data Table and filling it up with other data already obtained by other activities in UiPath and passing it to a CSV file.

Basically the workflow is like this:
=> one column in CSV with ‘CompanyName’ has items
=> insert into UiPath datatable ‘CompanyNames’, use activites to get web sourced URLs for the items aka CompanyURL
=>pass the UiPath Data Table, now with two columns (CompanyName + CompanyURL) back into another CSV file.

My problem is that the URL info isn’t being passed to the CSV file and I have no idea how I can “peek” into the UiPath DataTable that I’m creating and seeing if it’s actually storing the information properly so that I can narrow down the problem.
Here is the workprocess:

I’m creating a new topic since the old one was focused on other activites related to this project. Again, so thankful for your help!

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Hi @Happy_Code_Happy_Life,

If you want to visualize data you can use the output data table which will convert the data table into a string and try to debug it.

Also, If you want to see the data table u can directly view it in Locals panel while debugging.


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Thank you! I was able to see that the CompanyURL seems to work but it’s not being passed to the CSV file. I think this is odd because when I made the CompanyURL column I aligned it under Data Table “CompanyNames” and I’m using the Write to CSV activity to pass the Data Table “CompanyNames” but the CompanyURl isn’t being passed :thinking:
Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Happy_Code_Happy_Life,

Can you please share screenshots of the workflow and data table value after filling it in?
And if possible directly share the code which you have written.


The screens of the workflow is in the top original post that I made, same for the datatable values, they are in the second answer (i think) but here is the file just to be safe:
Main.xaml (26.2 KB)
project.json (1.5 KB)

have a look here:

Understanding the 6 Debugging Panels of UiPath in the easiest way possible! - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

Escpeically working within the immediate panel we can do additiona inspections and also prototype statements

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Give a proper name as value, when using a variable:

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Once you had extracted / calculated the url you would set the value to the column CompanyUrl e.g during the loop with an assgin activity:

CurrentRow(“YourColName”) = strURLValue

As we dont see such a step within yiur modelled flow, it explains why it is missing

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Thank you so much! I was finally able to pass the links to the CSV File! :smile: :star_struck:

One question, if you have time - I would like to have the URL specifically pasted into the B Column, with the Company Name in the A column. Would I do this with another Add Data Column and another “Assign” activity? When I try replacing “Column1” with “Column2” and add another “Add Data Column” I just get the same result as before:

yes, we would use different columns.

For preparing am empty datatable with the datacolumn structure we would like to have also have a look at the build datatable activity, often use for this purpose (we model the structure, and populate it later within the loop)

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