Creating a datatable from excel


Not sure how accurate my query is going to be, this is my first time using UIPath as my boss has given me a task where I need to create a consolidated list from an online database, the problem however is that need to go into each record within the database and export a csv with the required details (6 columns wide by a variable number of Rows per record)
The problem I’m having is that I’m trying to automate the downloading of the CSV files but can only do it via the hyperlink for each record and don’t know how to essentially take a URL and add a variable into it from a spreadsheet and have the robot run the rest

Essentially my process is going to look something like the below

  1. Created a sequence
  2. Opened a browser
  3. Navigated to Reporting section in website
  4. Create some kind of table array (possibly utilize an existing excel document) to generate the missing portion of hyperlinks to make life easier
  5. use “Navigate to” and “Click” functions within UIPath to download the CSV Files
  6. Move downloaded CSV files to one consolidated folder.
  7. Consolidate data into 1 spreadsheet.

Due to the nature of my work I’m unfortunately unable to provide example data sheets but if someone is able to help me I would be appreciative.

Hi @Ysuran_Silverman,

Welcome to the community!

There is any kind of table on the site that you are trying to get the hyperlinks?

Hi Schirru,
The webpage shows a list of the records but there is no clearly defined table as per say.
It shows as a list only until the CSV is downloaded then it becomes a table

Just for better understanding, the problem that you are dealing with is for downloading the CSVs from the website, right?

Sorry that I wasnt very clear, I need to download multiple CSV files from the website but in order to download each CSV I have to go into each record within the report and download the data from there.
The bit im essentially struggling with is what I have listed as step 4. Create some kind of table array (possibly utilize an existing excel document) to generate the missing portion of hyperlinks to make life easier.
I’ve managed to get the Datatable to generate but my problem seems to be coming from my “Navigate to” within my “For Each Row”
Im trying to navigate to “Report (with incomplete URL) + datatable result” to get to the document however I dont know what the column is labeled as at the moment and feel like this is my biggest hurdle at the moment, is there a generic code I can use to replace
“+ row(“currently known column name”).ToString”? or is there something glaringly obvious that im missing?

I think that i get it but correct if i`m wrong.

  1. You have some reports with incomplete URLs
  2. You have a excel file where each row of a specific column is the missing part of the URL in no.1
  3. You need to get the correct missing part for each incomplete URL.

Is that it? If not, can you try to create a sample with some random date so that i can understand better?

Hi Schirru,

Yes that is correct, I have a list of imcomplete URL’s and the missing details that are required to make them complete, the issue that I am encountering is adding the missing details into a “navigate to” function