Help with UiPath code

Hi guys!

I am a beginner with UiPath and trying to test something. I have built the below sequence to pick up date from a website. When trying this, I am using the United Kingdom as the country input. What I want it to do is take the information from a section in the website, put it in a table and export it to a CVS file. For some reason, everytime I run it, there is an error when it comes to the “add row” section. Can someone please help me?

@joliefallouh Can you send the screenshot of the Properties of Add Data Row Activity?

I hope you would have passed as a ARRAYROW value in its property or add data row property panel
—then make sure that the number of values passed in the array must be equal to number of columns in the datatable like if the value as a variable is passed like this
{variablename1,variablename2} then there must be two columns in the datatable mentioned in the add data row activity

And also the type of variable and it’s corresponding column in the datatable must be same like if the variablename1 is of type string then it’s column assigned to must be of type string

Hope this would help you
Or if you face any other issue kindly let know
Cheers @joliefallouh

Thank you! I figured it out however I now have another issue. Apparently the issue was that there is a limit on the number of characters that can be added to the table. When I picked one word from the website, instead of a paragraph, it worked.

Is there any way I can bypass the character limitation?

Best Regards,
Jolie Fallouh