Data table the data is not getting displayed

Hello Everyone,

I am new to UiPath, I created a datatable in UiPath form and want to get data from an excel file, but when I run the file the data is not getting displayed,

I’ve created 3 arguments, one for data table and 2 for the columns, the datatable argument is of System.Data.DataTable type and I’ve created a variable and put it into the value of the datatable argument i saw this in a youtube video, I need to ask do i need to store a value in the variable which i created for the datatable argument, sorry it may sound stupid but i am new to this and don’t know much about it please help me out

When we normally create datatable in the UiPath we create rows and stores data in it, but i am trying to do it with UiPath forms and i am taking excel as a data path source, so please anyone can tell how can we display the data in the UiPath form.


You need to load the data to datatble then only it can display


Best to do the official academy trainings on the subject, and only revert to youtube once you have a grasp of what you’re doing after it. (I don’t mean any offense here).

Further: a quick anser to what you want to achieve can be:

  • read range to get the data from excel into a datatable object variable
  • use output datatable to store the contents of the datatable into a string (note, this is for debugging only)
  • use writerange activity to display this string in the output panel.

If this still comes up empty, check wether your excel actually contains data.

No offense brother, I’ve mentioned this on the top that this may sound stupid

I was following this video, and i am guessing I missed to define value of the variable (which is defined in the value of datatable argument) or maybe there is something more, I am using a read range workbook and mentioning the excel file and sheet name in it, then i am using show form activity where I’ve selected my form and checked the arguments one for the DT and 2 for the columns and the thing which i am thinking missing is the value for the variable, i know it’s a awful mistake but I am trying to learn and i thought i could do this that’s why I am trying to figure it out.

Also, i will take up the course,


Bro i am taking excel as a data source and display that data in the UiPath form.


Can you show some screenshots of your implementation



Bro uploaded, if there is any issue in defining the value for the variable, please let me know how can I define it


  1. In Read range did you assign the datatable variable?
  2. In Field ID and Name did you write the column names in the Field Key tab?
  3. Are the column names exactly matching with field key?

I just tried and data is coming



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