Pass value of data table

Hi I am new in uipath I am trying to pass data table by write range activity I am getting error as mention in screen shot in ExcelDataDT.Rows(i).Item(“Processing Status”).I already check I am getting value in i variable.but I don’t know doing right or not


What error are you getting here?

@lakshman Hi Can you help me please How can I pass value from datatable to excel I have excel sheet
Name1 Name2 Name3 Status Reason
Abc Def ghi
fdg fdgfd dgdfh
sdgf dgfd gdfsg

now I need to insert value on status and reason from datatatable


use Write Cell activity to write data into excel file.

actually I using for loop I need to pass many time excel this value with different condition don’t want write cell I want to pass data table as mention in screen shot at the end of loop


Other alternative is:

row(“Status”) = “your message”

row(“Reason”) = “your message”

This should be inside ForEach Row activity And then finally use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.