Triggers and Jobs - Modern Folders

I have Orchestrator 2020.10.7 and it is using Modern Folders, and I am struggling to get the functionality I am aiming for

I wish to be able to tie specific logins to specific machines, and then run via trigger

I.e. Virtual machine 1 should always be logged into by Robot1, and so on

The only way I could get a machine into a folder was to use a template - I don’t need a temaplte as my names are static

When I go to run a job I can manually specifiy which robot and which mahcine under the teamplate - this works

When I go to set a trigger, I can only specify the user. There Robot1 may try to log into Virtual Machine 2, etc

What is the best way to approach?


On cloud version it allows you to specify both machine and user, but on my on prem it shows this, and I can only specify user…

Any help appreciated

User-Machine Mappings appears to be a feature introduce in 2021.4.0 Which is the April FTS release of the latest major build.

Hello Ryan,
Here is a video on how to start a job inside Modern Folder:



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