Mismatch between robot, user and machine template


I added a second machine to a modern folder. Now, when a process runs, it tries to make the robot connected to the first user (which is connected to the first machine) run on the second machine, which makes no sense. Here’s what I noticed in the job details.

However, if I specify the correct machine when running the process (I could also specify the user to be completely sure I avoid the problem), it works just fine.

And I can see the correct robot-machine match in the job details.

I can’t specify the machine when running because I’m using triggers to run these processes. Is there any way to avoid this problem?

Hi @razvan.chiose,

Are you using bot Classic and Modern Folders mix type or bot machines are connected into modern folder ?.

Can you share your robot provisioning details ?

Hello @SamanGuruge,

I am using two modern provisioned robots. I created those for two users like this.

So these are the robots I’m using.

The second one is normally on a second Template Machine which I added to the modern folder that I’m using, it’s disconnected for the moment.

I’m pretty sure you could just use 1 template for both machines, could you try?

In modern folders, the template gives you licenses to execute, while the user setting contain the login credentials: