Machine Template with Assigned Users

I see this topic here on this, but it’s closed and I can’t add a reply.

I see the suggestion to create separate folders, and have one user and one machine template assigned so that one can know for sure that a user will be used on the correct machine. Just to add my own feedback here, the one thing that I don’t like about this solution is that say I have five robots in the prod environment, one in each folder. One of those folders gets 1,000 items added to a queue. Now I have one robot slowly working through 1,000 items, and the other four might be sitting unused, but can’t jump on to work through those items in the queue.

I really like the benefits of modern folders, however with classic folders disappearing this particular use case is more of an issue. One policy my organization has is that user accounts are tethered to one virtual machine, and can only log in to that one. In my case at least, rather than processes getting assigned to any open bot, there can only be one robot working in one folder, which really limits how scalable UiPath is for us without lots of managing which processes are in which folder so that the robot’s time is best utilized, and more importantly when lots of processes, getting through those in a timely manner.

This is 100% needed so please UiPath do something about it!

Hi @jeremiah.s.kmc

I believe that starting from 21.4 there will be an option to select a specific user and machine when creating a job / trigger.

Does it solve your requirement?

Thanks! Yes, I have enabled it and it does solve my use case. Love the flexibility that was put in as well!