Triggering a bot with a webhook from another system (Thinkific)


I’ve been trying to figure this one out, but I am not having much luck. I have a learning management system (LMS) that has a webhook that sends a POST to a URL with a JSON payload. I’d like to trigger a bot process when the payload is received. Does Orchestrator support triggers like this? If so, can anyone point me at the documentation? All I can find is documentation about the Orchestrator outbound webhooks!
If Orchestrator does not support this kind of trigger, does anyone have any other suggestions on how I could make this work? It is possible to query their REST API, but that requires me making regular calls to their API rather than simply waiting for them to send me a POST when an event happens.
Many thanks!

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Hi @JohnMac!

It is possible to trigger a robot by API, maybe the links below can help:

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Thanks Marcelo, I agree it is possible to trigger a robot by API - I already use this functionality. However, my need is somewhat different. I need to listen for a webhook from a site and then take action. The webhook is built to the vendor’s standard. I need a listening service to receive the webhook and trigger a bot off the back of it. I’ve done some more reading around and I have come to the conclusion that UiPath does not provide this functionality at this time.

Sadly, whilst Orchestrator comes with a good API, it does not have functionality for reciving pre-configured webhooks and routing them to a bot. I have used Zapier to resolve the issue - using it to receive the webhook from Thinkific, and convert the payload into parameters that are sent using the Orchestrator API to trigger the required process.

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