Triggering a Job When a WebHook Event is Received

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at automating some HR processes and have noticed the application they use supports event notifications via webhooks. We can “subscribe” for an HTTP notification whenever certain changes are made in the application, which would be a great trigger for a UiPath job.

Is there a way to set up Orchestrator (Cloud) to accept that HTTP request and trigger a job to start?

I don’t control the data in the HTTP request, so I can’t turn it into an API call which Orchestrator would accept.

Perhaps there’s some workaround, or way to make this work?

Thanks for any advice!


If you are able to send an email to a mail id via the registered webhook…then using integration services you can use trigger when mail received and continue


@Anil_G Thanks for the response! But I’m not sure I follow entirely.

The application doesn’t have a way to send an email on the event trigger. Would I need to add some layer in the middle which receives the webhook notification and responds by sending out an email, which Orchestrator picks up and uses as a trigger?


yes you need one…if you are using a middleware then instead of email you can send a api request only

zapier might help you for that

orchestrator cannot function as webhok listner