Trigger the process As soon as receiving an email

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Just want to know ,
in my process i have to check outlook if an email come means i need to run performer.

can any one know hoe to do?

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I just want to add that the post suggested is from 2017 and is pretty old. There is now a Start Job activity which makes this a little easier to accomplish.

However, this will depend on what you want to do, like is the process dependent on certain emails, then it should be built-in with your process where it only processes the items when the emails arrive. Or, if you are wanting a user to trigger the job, like as an Adhoc job, then you can run a job that waits for emails to arrive.

You can simply use the Get Exchange or Get Outlook Mail activities, with certain filter parameters. If you are using this as a way for a user to trigger your job, then you will want a file that gives the user authorization so not just anyone can send that email. Once a mail comes in that meets your requirements, then use the Start Job with the process and environment name as it shows in Orchestrator. On the other hand, if you have a Dev and Prod Orchestrator, then you may need to use API so you can start the job on either Orchestrator from a single job (based on a config value) rather than needing two jobs in both Orchestrators.

Those were just some other thoughts.



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