Trigger a process when mail arrivess


I have a project. Time is very important. I need to trigger the robot when mail arrives. Can you help me please

Hi Mrtysf94,

This a super interesting topic for which there no official/good solution. You have several options:
(1) have a schedule robot that checks the mailbox every X time–> super inefficient if you won’t be receiving a huge number of mails.
(2) You can have a robot that runs constantly, in a infinite loop, checking the mail box (if you use attended maybe you can program it as a background process, and make it populate a queue and trigger a process elsewhere).
(3) Program and Outlook Addin that connects with the Orchestrator API
(4) If your company uses O365 suite, use MS PowerAutomation to launch the process in the Orchestrator through a Rest Call (requires premium account in MS)

Any option that allows you to connect and APP that calls the Orchestrator API could work… But it’s not a trivial question, and, as you can see, there’s no official optimal option. (maybe an idea for uipath in the future…)

Thank you RockSolid for your comeback.
I need to trigger the robot without using the robot.

Then you really need to find a system that reaches to the orchestrator API. UiPath doesn’t have a built-in functionality for this