Trigger stay on Pending

I set a Triger for a process I created in the studio and publish it (work fine at the studio) but when I operate it it doesn’t work and in the JOBS it shows always on Pending mode

also if i run it manually through the UIPATH Assistant it runs fine.
what can i do about it?


Hey @nir.kail

Do you have an Un-Attended bot configured with license ?


yes the robot is unattended

Is the process getting failed after some time???

Are you able to see the package gets downloaded to the Uipath assistant during execution??

i left it working over the night
now it shows me : Faulted

I didn’t saw it gets downloaded to the Uipath assistant during execution

you have to add run time for your tenant

tenant>manage access>edit profile>next>enable unattended >update

im not using cloud orchestrator
this is the options i got:

what to choose?

select the roles and send screenshot