Orchestrator Event Trigger/ Outlook Mail Messages Trigger

Hello Community,

I added an an Outlook Mail Messages Trigger (not the one where you connect with Office 365) as beginning workflow. My bot will be on VM so Outlook will be open. Do I need to configure an event trigger in Orchestrator as well tied to that trigger?

I just want the bot to start once an unread message that meets filters is received by Outlook mailbox.
Thank you

I can find no video where someone creates an event trigger. Documentation is not clear. Might be an opportunity for someone to show us something new

Hi @philrobot6

When an email matching the defined criteria is received in your Outlook mailbox, the trigger will automatically start your UiPath automation process. You don’t need to set up an Orchestrator event trigger for this purpose.

Ensure that the UiPath Robot is running on the VM where Outlook is open, and your workflow is published and available for execution.

The Outlook application and your workflow should be running on the VM when you expect the trigger to be activated.

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Appreciate it. I will test in production now

Hmm. Didn’t seem to recognize the email. In most areas UiPath easily beats Power Automate, but this is one area where Power Automate is better.

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