Post request from HTML form to on-premise Orchestrator

I would like to submit a post request to an on-premise orchestrator (not cloud) from a web form. The idea is to have the robot start the process “only” when new data is submitted as opposed to have it scheduled around the clock. Is there a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this? It would be great if I could submit a post request and start a process that way. However, any alternative solutions with similar results are welcome.
Thank you!

HI @Francois_Marckendy_Joseph,

I think this will help your to identify Orche. API

Thank you for your reply. I’m not familiar with postman. Is that a server? Sorry, I’m a beginner when it comes to API calls. I’m just curious on how it works

H @Francois_Marckendy_Joseph,

Postman give you the ability to run and tested out APIS or even you can create API using Postman so Uipath created a full doc for their API you can get a better understand of the API anatomy by using Postman link

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Thanks for the reply. I have watched some tutorials on postman and they all seem to be about “testing” APIs and it requires them to launch the postman app (or web app) in order to do so. What I want to happen is when the client click “Submit” on my web form, I want a request to be sent to Orchestrator to start the process (without having to log in to postman). Sorry if I’m misunderstanding all this.

Hi @Francois_Marckendy_Joseph

This is to understand their API you can use following activities to do the calling from your UIpath process

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Thanks again for your reply. However, I’m starting to think that there may not be a way to achieve my goal. I can’t use Uipath Activities to “trigger” the process itself since the activities would require that the process is already running in order to be executed. I’m trying to trigger the Uipath process to start from an html form. I need to be able to make an API call to orchestrator to initiate the Uipath process. Is that possible at all?

This is definitely a possible automation.

You could use Microsoft automate to send Http api requests call to your orchestrator and start a process. We have done a similar integration using a in-house chatbot.

Your approach would be :

When a user submits a form, you get an email or some kind of a triggering event which also has the form data.

Your Microsoft flow/automate form needs to use this trigger.

A) In Microsoft flow /automate you get the authorization token from orchestrator server.

B) Post your form values to a predefined queue. Using send to queue api call

C) The robot can be run in two ways, either using automatic triggers on orchestrator (when a new item is added to the queue) or by sending another api call to Start a job.

Any application which can send api requests can do this for you. It need not be Microsoft automate :slight_smile:

You could even use a simple python script / server which keeps listening to a form submission and performs the A, B, C steps mentioned above.

Thanks for replying. I definitely follow your logic here. But would there be a way to have Microsoft automate (or any other eligible applications) to send the Http API request to orchestrator from the form without having to send the email? I’m trying to do two main things here :

Step 1 ) Remotely trigger a process to start on Orchestrator
Step 2 ) Call step 1 when the form is submitted

I’m still trying to find a solution for step 1 that can be called from the form. Once I have that, then it’s a matter of making the call when the form is submitted. Does that make sense?