Job State in "Pending" in Orechestrator

Hi All,

I am trying to run a job from Orchestrator, but it gets in the “Pending” state. Please find below the screenshots of the details:
My username as following: Domain\Username

Kindly advice.


Can you please check if your robot is busy executing any other job?

All the Jobs I have scheduled are in “Pending”.

Do you think Job details (Please refer to the earlier screenshot) are okay? Asking because there is no Environment name shown.

Didn’t you select environment while creating process?

Create the process once again with a proper environment and try job once again.

Could you please provide any reference which has steps to connect Uipath Script to Orchestrator.


Go through the course “Orchestrator for RPA developers(v2019.4)” from UiPath academy

Sure, Thanks so much.

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Let me know if it helps you

Hello @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu,
I am able to run the process from Orchestrator Now, Thanks for the help.

I wanted to know, can we trigger Orchestrator API from Postman (any other Application) using community edition of Uipath?

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Yes. If you want to do it from UiPath studio, there’s an activity called ‘Orchestrator HTTP request’. If you want to call orchestrator API from external application, please go through orchestrator API documentation from UiPath docs website.

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Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu ,

I have made some progress on testing orchestrator APIs. Struggling to get Robot ID.
I am making GET request from POSTMAN as instructed in below image.

I get following response:

You can see in above image that it returns no value.
But I have Robots available in Orchestrator. So i expect API to give values in response.

Do you know what might be causing this?


I didn’t work on this API.

I’m thinking if you pass folder id as x-uipath-organizationid in headers , it may work. But I’m not sure.

I’ll let you know if if I find any solution

Yes I passed Folder id.

API gave a response but value is empty.
Details of Robots were not returned in response.

Not sure what’s the problem. But try this alternative. Use /odata/robots at the end of your url instead of metadata.

I also started working on orchestrator API with basic authentication with orchestrator version 2019.10 . The api request for get jobs is returning all results even though I’m applying date filters.

Already Using /odata/robots

Are you able to run the Job via Postman?
If yes, could you please provide the details?

I’m not running any job. I’m trying to get jobs and filter them.

Also I’m not using postman. Instead I use soapUI or http request activity in UiPath

By the way, aren’t you getting output with /odata/robots?

It gives result as below.

if you see the yellow highlighted part, the value is empty. I am expecting Robot details there.
Probably I should look into other ways of finding RobotId. Please let me know if you know any.


But I see you are using metadata#robots instead of /odata/robots

This is how my Request body and response looks.

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ok. I’ll let you know if I find any solution

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