Microsoft Teams trigger UiPath Robots | Chatbot | UiPath | PowerAutomate | Orchestrator | REST API

How to start a process with parameters on UiPath Robots from the Microsoft Teams.

0:00​ Intro
0:15​ The idea of the process
1:15​ Teams trigger a simple Power Automate flow
3:50​ UiPath Process on Orchestrator
5:00​ Steps of the calling UiPath Orchestrator
6:05​ Run the Process for a test
8:10​ The details of the implementation in Power Automate
16:15​ Run the full Process

Sorry This not working,when got error ms flow 2nd http saying not authorised.

the normal issue is when you Write "Bearer "+auth
be careful with that space " " is missing

thank you but still am facing the same

this is flow

can you please upload you MS flow ?

Please test everything from Postman like this video:

and yes you need to add Organization UNIT on Header
like this:

you have their Header with X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId

you find this in weblink tid=

thank you so much it’s fine now however the next step inside loop

i got this error Id’s null but can see the id from http request

Please advise

I don’t know what to say.
Please test everything with Postman and the copy your response from postman and inside power automate example JSON and then try again your code.
Main Idea you need to see in Postman valid response from your system.
also check this documentation for more details

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Hi ,

Hope you’re doing fine
This really helps and you did great work really appreciated it.

Based on this demo I’ve created one bot to do some tasks which is working fine.

Here I’ve scenario power automate throwing error as “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”.

Specifically, I added 2 or more messages at a time one I got the result, for another one I got error from ms flow as “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”.

Can you please advise how I can avoid such error messages or how each message is added to queues in my orchestrator? whatever please advise?

Because we’ve many users in the teams to use this bot.

For example :
User 1 & User 2 can raise requests at 11:59:00 so the bot should run each user request without throwing this “The robots already have pending jobs for this Process” message.

Added raw output

Hello Shagoul,
Yes You need to do a logic with Queue. Here in this video form 9:10 I explain how start process from queue:

For general commands for queue I have this movie:

For Power automate send Data to Orchestrator Queue:


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