Start a job every time I receive an email

I set up my orchestrator and added a process to it.
I now want to execute the job every time one specific mailbox receives an email.
Is it possible to do that using UiPath and orchestrator?

No directly. A solution could be that creating a specific robot to just get last mail
-> If a mail found send a queue item or start a job
But i dont know if it a better solution than run your robot every hour

well, this does not sound very efficient, I would waste a licence and a machine just to check the emails…

Do you know if I can start a robot using an API call?

check a email could take 5s (depending your outlook server)
If u run it every hour 5s*24 :stuck_out_tongue:

You wouldn’t waste a license - you don’t need a dedicated robot to run a process. You could schedule the robot to execute the “read emails” process at some interval, and you can use the same robot to execute your other processes.

I see the confusion of a Robot and a Process quite often:

Robot = the UiPath Robot software, which is installed on a machine and can execute processes.

Process = the “instructions” to be executed by the robot.

Back to your original question, yes, you could create a process that checks a mailbox and either executes a process (or job) immediately once an email is received, or add it to a queue to be executed. You can find lot’s of examples here in the forums.

Happy automating :wink:

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Hi @ClemensSteinbauer,
It is possible. But as @Arber_Dervishi said, you don’t waste a license for a bot to check for new emails. You just create a windows service or schedule a task for checking new emails, then trigger the UiPath process using orchestrator API.

You can check the email using Outlook API

Yes it is possible to hit the mailbox on regular intervals using Cron expressions

Refer the below link for cron expression generator

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