How to renew expired Community Edition of Uipath Studio

My uipath studio got expired and showing this window. How can i restart my uipath studio.


Hi @pankajs3,
Do you have Enterprise License Purchased or this was a trial version?

I have trial version.

In that case trial license can be extended by purchase of full Enterprise license for the robot. By default there is only one trial license predicted per company. You can contact with your company sales partner if extension of trial is possible.

But i have seen many reply on Uipath Forum to update the Community Edition.

But Community Edition is not Enterprise. You are talking about Enterprise.

Community Edition license is updating automatically without any user action.
In case of Enterprise after the trial you need to purchase the license or you can uninstall it and switch to Community Edition.

Sorry for that.
I have expired problem with Community Edition.

Ok, that changes my point of view :wink:
So if you don’t use Orchestrator. Please uninstall the version you have and install fresh one form (Resource Manager tab). Or if you are using Orchestrator just connect your robot to the tenant and choose option “Acquire License form Orchestrator”.

There is only showing 19.8.0
but i want 2019.4.3

As I mentioned Community Edition is always updating to the newest version automatically and this is a part of the free license for it. You can’t download older version of it. This is restricted only for Enterprise Edition.

Hey, how to renew the same for Enterprise edition. I have renewal license key and the license are for attended bots.
If I am not mistaken, if the studio is 2019 and above going under Settings>License>Edit License etc. should work right?
What if studio is before 2019 version?

Hi @amithvs,
Hope this will help you:

Thanks @Pablito. But this is for fresh installation of Uipath. What if Uipath is already installed and many bots are running in prod for last 1year.

Are you using your own instance of Orchestrator (on premise)?

Its an attended bot, so no orchestrator instance.

As it’s Enterprise Edition of Studio I think the best is to contact with technical support: