TransactionItem for one page of data


i am trying to work through the below example using the REframework.

In the academy assignment we always set the transaction item to the page number and if there was no next page number we stopped the process.

When extracting the data table for the Invoices- search results, what should the transaction item be?

I was able to extract the data and add it to the queue but it keeps looping through again and again.

Thanks for the help

In this case, transaction item should be DataRow.

Take one data row at a time and assign to the transaction item.

In the process transaction, extract the invoice number, item and total from the data row and add it to the Queue.

Hope this is clear to you.

Karthik Byggari

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Would you use data scraping for this?

When i create a pattern for the first row it only comes back in column format.

Is this the correct way to extract the information?

You have to use the data scraping for scraping all the invoices. This data will be in a data table.

Yes the data will be in a row/column format. (Data Row)

Thanks for the reply

So i am trying to assign the data row to the first row of the data table using the .Select method. Any idea why the below isn’t working? Or how could i just select the whole table as i have all the data i want already?

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Buddy @fflattery

Once you get the extracted datatable use add queue item that is what is mentioned in your query buddy…
And to do that you can use add queue item activity, while before which we need create a queue in orchestrator buddy…for more information have a look at this buddy


Yes i am aware of how to add the queue item. it was more the structure around the transaction item variable i was struggling with

yourDataTable.Rows(0) will return the first row from the data table.

If you want to convert the data table to array of data rows -

dataRows[] = yourDataTable.Select

To get the first row, then dataRow = dataRows(0)


Thanks for the help. I was over thinking it and was able to do it in a much easier way. Thanks

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