Transaction status of application exception item not getting changed to Failed

I am working on a bot which adds data items from a queue to a web app. one of the data entry is wrong so it is not able to find that item in a drop down menu. so in the catch, i have caught it as an application exception and set its transaction status to failed. The retry is set to 3. It has retried it 3 times but the final status is still new, i guess it should be failed status right? Anybody kindly advise me.


Usually it has to fail, but can you debug your workflow? Is it passed to the Transaction status workflow and not making it as failed? Have you made any changes to Transaction Status workflow?


I am new to RPA UiPath, totally confused here. is there a way i can show you my code?
Kindly let me know.

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Hey @mail4bobbysam

Please share screenshots as discussed on other thread.