Orchestrator Max Retry: Transaction Item Status

If the transaction item has achieved its Orchestrator Max Retry, what is its transaction status and where/how does its status is set in RE Framework? As what I’ve read, it will go to the End State but I couldn’t figure out how is the status is been set. Is it In Progress?

Ok, I just figured it out. The status will be set in the “Try Set Transaction Status (System Exception)” sequence. And the status will be failed, right?

Hey @azeem_rosli

Yep, whenever there is an exception the item will be marked as failed.

If there is an auto retry option set and if current Retry is still less than Max Retry value set in queue then the failed item status will be auto converted to Retried & a new queue item is cloned from the failed.

The above process repeats until the Max retry is reached for that particular queue item.


Thanks @Nithinkrishna

Cool @azeem_rosli :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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