Transaction item failed?

Rest of items are being failed as well when one of the transaction items is failed

I want to see that rest of items working well (successful or failed) even if a transaction item failed.

What should i do in my project file :thinking:

Hi @170290064

The Queue item will retry when there is any system exception or business exception is throwed.
After the retry it was getting the error then it fails.
The Retry queues are added at last and will be retried.

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Hi @mkankatala

I unchecked the auto retry from the orchestrator queue edit section. But i want rest of the items work properly even if i get system exception error and transaction failed.

If you uncheck the auto retry option in queues setting in Orchestrator it won’t retry.
When any system exception or business exception is throws then it will leave that transaction and it forward to get the other transaction in Get transaction Item state.

You can check the Details of Transaction why it was failing in queues in Orchestrator.
Open the Transaction in Queues hit on three dots on right side and click on view detail option for failed queues in there you can see why it was fails.

If you are getting the error better to do the debug the project and find where it was getting fails.

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Hi @170290064

Go to jobs->Go to the Process->click on View logs as shown below

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

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i run the file in the debug mode and after system exception, what should i do to make rest of the items work properly ?


@170290064 I think so you placed InitAllAplication Process in Initialization ->First Run Sequence.
Its not able to initialize the application in case of error. When first run occur it will retry it if it failed then for next item it will initialize the application from start.

Sorry about maybe you’ve got me wrong my problem is not I’m getting error I know how to fix the errors (I am creating an error on purpose for now) my question is that if I get any failed items in the Orchestrator, i want to project to keep the running in a proper way. For example I have 100 or 300 transaction items that I’m going to run if i get failed one of them (i.e system exception error) i want rest of the items running in a proper way without touching anything.

@170290064 Yes. If one Item failed it should proper work on other. For That you need to check your Initialization part. You need to check through log file whether it is initializing application properly or not after first failure.

Generally the process flow will work as you are expecting by default.I think you made a minor mistake in the code.check with the code.

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@170290064 open Initialization → go in First Run Sequence and show where you can init all application

You have changed the transaction you have given there if business exception it will go directly to end process. Then it will end the process it will not forward to next transaction.

Have you seen the original re frameworks template if no transaction is there it will go from initialization to end process.

You have given wrong transactions.
Remove the buiness exception transaction which is connected from initialization state to end process state.

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I do read excel and filter excel file in the First Run Perform Sequence

When i got system exception error in the Process Transcation like the above it goes initalization part like the following…

You want me to remove them or something ?

You have given business exception transaction between initialization state to end process. Delete that transaction and run the program. If the business exception is encountered in process transaction it will go to Get transaction data and take the next transaction.

In your program in check app state that mentioned above, if element is not appear then it will go to throw activity and it is a business exception then it will go to end process.

Delete the business transaction between init and end, then run the program and try.

@170290064 what are you doing in Process state?

Initialization State → First Run Perform Sequence

Initialization State → First Run End Sequence

Process Transaction State →

In this WorkFlow, the data taken from the queue will be filled in the desired places on the site and then the output tables will be printed in excel.


Throw activity gets system exception not a business exception!

Okay then i will delete system exception which goes to end process state from initialization state