Transaction status issue

Hi There, I am new to RPA Uipath.
I am adding 100 queue items from a queue to a web app. after sometime the queue shows 96 successful transactions but when i looked at the web app, i could see a pop up window(an unexpected scenario) and when i closed the pop up window, the web app shows only 13 items in the list. I have added enough logging. but no error showing in uipath studio. Is this possible? Anybody kindly advise.

what was the popup shown?
can u share a Screenshot of the same web app and error

It’s a random pop up related to the web app. Does not show regularly.

did you give any try catch for any selectors? if the error are handled in catch inside process workflow then the queue status will be successful

i have added try catch inside a for each loop. in the catch i am setting the status of the transaction to failed.
dont understand why this is behaving like this. total 100 queue items. after sometime, the queue shows around 80 successful
transactions but when i looked at the web app, there are only 13 transactions added.
no errors showing in the uipath studio logs too. totally confused here.
Is there a way i can show you or send you my code?
Kindly advise.

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Hey @mail4bobbysam

Show some screenshots of your code please?


@mail4bobbysam Are you maintaining any logs related to your process. Can you check those to know is the process end to end went well

Hi Nithin
Please see attached screenshot. Kindly advise.
Bobby Sam