Question regarding Level 3 training and .NET understanding

Hello automation experts–It’s nice to virtually make your acquaintance after 3 weeks of perusing the forums!

I have made my way through Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Orchestrator. I am now embarking on Level 3 Advanced to complete the UiDemo and Assignment 1 and 2. My concern is that with a lack of
(I mean ZERO) VB.NET knowledge, I won’t be able to effectively complete the assignments that lay ahead. Each of the practice examples that have preceded required a .NET method here and there to complete the practice, and I only was able to complete it once I read the walkthrough.

Am I going to run into issues with these assignments being that I have zero background in VB.NET? If so, what would be the best approach for me? Another way of putting it might be, how much programming will be required in this section? I appreciate your help immensely!

hi @Taylormt

this knowledge is relative basic, UiPath is easy to understand and the methods used there, are not complex, hope you decide to enroll in the level 3, you will learn a lot there, and all the community of the forum, will stay to help you in any thing you need to ask, don’t matter if you have any mistake, enroll and learn all what you can!

Happy learning!, Regards.