Further learing for noobs

Hey all,

I come from a non-programing background. I love learning UiPath, but i feel i’m sometimes missing info/knowledge that the rest of you take for granted, and this is slowing my learning down as i spend hours trying to find the answer to simple stuff.

I am progressing through Academy training nicely, but was wondering if there were other courses i could take/learn, like .NET or C# or “RPA for idiots” :slightly_smiling_face: that you all think would be of benefit?

Don’t mind if they are paid courses, but would like to learn more of the nitty gritty stuff i’m missing.




You can learn UIpath easily from Academy courses and it is best tutorial to learn. And they explained everything well.

If you do more practice then you will get more knowledge on this and also we can learn many things from UIpath forum also.

Hi @MikeBlades.
You can find IT books here: https://goalkicker.com/
VB .NET Book: Free Visual Basic .NET Book
C# Book: Free C# Programming Book
It is free.
Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards,


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