Tracking back to a library nuget

We have many custom activities which are built into different nuget packages.
When all the packages are imported in UiPath using manage packages, how do I know that an activity that is being used in a workflow is actually part of which of the nuget package file in the packages folder.

I know we should have had a naming convention and namespace management around this.
But now that we have this problem how do we get this backtracking without trial and error method.

@badita @alex.stoian @Sachin_Desai @aksh1yadav
Can you help me with this?

It’s still partially manual, but:
Download dotPeek dotPeek: Free .NET Decompiler & Assembly Browser by JetBrains (it’s free)

Load all your packages to it. You might see something like this (I loaded some sample ones)

Now you can search by activity name in this whole collection (you may want to remove the System. packages):

Note that it’s sometimes a little laggy (it does need to go through a lot after all) and it works best if you can use directly the name as it’s written (which you can check from your workflows).