Programatically find to which package an activity belongs or the opposite way (list with all activities for any package)

I need to somehow programatically (so without using Studio) build an association between the activities used in an UiPath project and the packages to which the activities belong and list them.

For the moment I did not find any solution and wanted to ask if there is anywhere a public and up-to-date location where this association (e.g. a list with activities for each package) could be queried, like a github repo or some place on UiPath portal.

I am currently working on a similar project in powershell. If I find a nice way of getting this information. I will let you know.

What I can currently do is get annotations and argument texts from UiPath xaml files. But it must also be possible to retrieve information about packages and activities (I have no evidence that this is true yet though).

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I’ve had a deep look inside the workflow *.xaml files and have not found any information about the association between activities and their packages.

The only things you may find are the namespaces, which do not help much since most UiPath activities have “ui” prefix.

There is also a list with used packages, but no link to the respective activities and the list also may contain unused packages.