Published Custom Activity not found in UiPath Studio


I created the simple custom activity based on the link Using The Activity Creator.

It has been compiled and published successfully. However, it cannot be found from the Manage Packages.

I am using VS2022 community with the extension and found the target framework is .Net6. I checked from Nuget Package Explorer. The id contains .activities.

Would you please kindly advise what mistake I made ?


For the package that you created, im assuming you saved it in your local repository. Did you identify the folder to look from?

From Manage Packages

Click Settings

add a user defined local library. The package you created should be there.

Hello @King

you can watch the below steps to understand the steps for creating the libraries and to publish that to the orchestrator and local


Hi @King

Check out the thread


Hi All,

I checked the links that I follow the instructions and have set up the “Manage Source” correctly.

I found a message from the output.

System.Activities.Metadata 6.0.0-20220831.1 depends on UiPath.Workflow (>= 6.0.0-20220121-04) but UiPath.Workflow 6.0.0-20220121-04 was not found. An approximate best match of UiPath.Workflow 6.0.0-20220401-03 was resolved.

What the difference is the target framework is 4.6.1, but it is automatically changed to .Net 6. Should I use VS2019 instead of VS2022 ?

Any suggestion ?


Hi All,

I found the package generated could be found for the compatibility - Windows (Not for Windows legacy). I believe this should be .Net 6 package. And, I cannot find the extension version 3 for .net 4.6.1.

I think if the custom activities for .net 4.6.1, we need to create the class library from scratch instead of using extension.

Thanks for your suggestions.