To search parameter value in HotKey Ctrl f in webpage

Hi All,

I am reading a value from excel (storing in UIPath variable - parameter) and need to search it on the webpage. After hotkey activity i am using Type into with text “parameter[k(enter)]”. Now its searching text parameter on webpage instead of searching the value inside variable parameter. I know its because i have written parameter inside " ". Any idea what alteration i need to do so that it will pickup the value of variable parameter.

Did you try something like: parameter.tostring+"[k(enter)]"

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Hi @Matt_S

Seems like i need a break .I was trying [parameter] +"[k(enter)]" :frowning: . Thanks for your input …it worked for me. Just a small alteration i tried parameter+"[k(enter)]" as variable parameter is string only. Am i right here?

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