Get Values from excel and search them in browser

Hello, new to uipath and very interested learning this tool.

so i get a problem from a friend and am trying to set a test task:

1º read excel data values (column1)
2º open site, login and search them in browser (searchbox in site)
3º export pdf from that search (button in site)
4º send this pdf in an email to (column3)
5º mark row as done (column4)
6º get next row

i can set table data and read values, i can login and go to search box, but i am geting problem in next steps. how can i paste values from (for each row) in search box?
and then how can i send email? and mark line?

can someone please give me a help.

Store the values inside for each row in a variable like value for example searchboxVariable=row(“columnname”).tostring. Then use typeInto Activity to enter value in the searchBox also pass send hotkey “enter” as well like below

hope this will workTypeInto

thanks for the help.
Can do it now but get stucked in another question.
The site i want to search for has a dropdown box and values to be selected inside by checkbox, the problem is that it works one time and the next times do not work, i think that parentid is variating, try some alternatives i see in the forum but i cannot resolve this :frowning:

any alternative idea for the click functionality?

the log:

Click ‘A #’: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Search failed at selector tag:

The closest matches found are:

If parent id is changing then unchecked that property.
For this I thin first you should click on dropdown then again use click activity to select checkbox. If you can share the screenshot then it would be easier for me to give solution.

the print from site and dropdown box.

at the firs time when i indicate element and ask for highlight it stays like this:

but soon i try again the validate turns red and robot stuck.
if i unckeck the parentid property ui does nothing, not even highlight.

First click on the dropdown then use type into activity and write and pass enter semdhot key with it. then it will show only one item in this dropdown and use click activity to select that.


the dropdown also changes every time, stuck in here and no ideas.

click on drop down and create selector with uiexplorer then send the screenshot of uiexplorer.

dont know if done right but, is this?
thanks for the help.

RPA Developer via UiPath Community Forum <> escreveu no dia terça, 29/09/2020 à(s) 10:42:

Make the selector in this way. I have highlighted the area which i need to make your selector to work. Are you using chrome? If yes check your uipath extension because your selector is missing information

one more time, with your help i could pass that problem.
now, another one (i think this site is very tricky).

so i remove the check from all values like you said before, i can get the value to search and search it but i can’t mark the checkbox again even trying same values.
the search from site only works after checkbox the value and hit green button thats is behind.
if you could give me another hint.

RPA Developer via UiPath Community Forum <> escreveu no dia terça, 29/09/2020 à(s) 12:17:

if the previous workaround works them mark my reply as solution.

Share me the link of that website i will create a selector for it.

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