To search in webpage not having any Search box

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a logic where i need to read a parameter from a text file and search it on a webpage and run that job finally. Problem is webpage is not having any search box. Is there any way i can implement it using UIPath (Studio Pro Community).

In the below screenshot, basically it will use the scroll bar to go to the parameter value lets say “Rollup” and then click on Launch button (marked as 3).
I have designed the logic to open the webpage as of now but not sure how to write the search logic due to absence of any search box. Please advise.

Hi @shrutijain411 ,

The fist suggestion i have for you is to use a selector with the attribute “aaname”=[Variable] and see if this finds reliably “2”

If so then define “3” with anchor on “2” defined as before

No need of scrolling usually

If this could not be done then let me know, i will try to give you other suggestions :smiley:

Hi @Gabriele_Camilli

Thanks a lot for you reply. Actually “2” i need to pickup from a file as a parameter and need to search the same on webpage and then click the corresponding “3”. I can pick up the parameter by using the event Readcell (using same to pick the credentials from excel).
Sorry i am pretty new in RPA so could not understand how i can use selector directly. I mean i need to drag an activity and in the Target selector property it would be used. Please let me know how can i proceed in this case. Apologies if my query is silly as i told that i am new in this field.

Hi @shrutijain411

You can pass the Variable dynamically in the activity you have used.

Change the selector aaname=’“+variable.ToString+”’ . Variable - which you are getting the value from excel.

Hi @shrutijain411,

No worries, everybody has to start from scratch.

From Studio you can:

  1. Select Ui Explorer

  2. Click on Indicate Element

  3. Play around with the proprieties to have the more general possible in your case

  4. Copy what’s in the box in the Target Selector and change it like a string with the value “aaname” as a parameter (in your case what’s in the Excel)

Can you give it a try?

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Hi @Gabriele_Camilli

Target selector will come for activity like Type Into not for activity like Read cell of “Excel application scope”. So here since there is no search box on webpage i am unable to use “Type Into” where i can use "Indicate on screen. So was just wondering for which activity i need to update the value to “aaname”

Hi @Priyadharshini78

I will use the Read cell of Excel Application scope to read the parameter. After that which activity i need to use where i can use selector aaname=’“+variable.ToString+”’ .

Search the word with Rollup on screen & click it.

For that get the entire data which is available on screen & search for the keyword as you required.

You need to click the Rollup or any other keyword from excel by using the Click Activity inside the attach browser and in that change the aaname.

Hi @Priyadharshini78
Thanks for your suggestion. I am using click activity now after Read cell. And in target selector of click its giving me below code:

So you want me to update the 2nd line as below?
webctrl aaname=’“+parameter.ToString+”’ parentid=‘zr10:0:zt0:0:pt1:t1::db’ tag=‘SPAN’ /
where parameter is the variable i am using for the output of read cell. Please let me know if i am on correct path?


Exactly, but need to give the variable name in the Expression editor of the click activity in the properties panel not in the edit selector.

check this it will help you.

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Hi @Priyadharshini78

I changed as per you suggestion but seems its not accepting the selector value. The blue color error symbol is appearing. Whether i need to do any other alteration?
Really appreciate your inputs here.


Use only the second line in the expression editor.

can you brief exactly what exception is that? if the exception continues.

Hi @Priyadharshini78

Its still giving error. Below is the screenshot of the brief as well. I believe there is some limitation of number of replies for a new joinee to the forum. In case i am unable to reply you today after some more replies … will reply you tomorrow.



No worries, If possible can you share the workflow?

It would be easy to identify the exact solution.

Hi @Priyadharshini78

I am trying to add attachment but it says new users can’t attach attachments. Any alternative way i can share the same?

can you send the screenshots of the workflow?

Hi @Priyadharshini78

Below is the screenshot of the complete workflow developed currently.


Check the variable type you have created. So that implicit conversion issues occurred.

RPA Developer Foundation course in the Uipath Academy will be helpful for the beginners :slightly_smiling_face:.

HI @Priyadharshini78

Thanks for letting me know. I will go through that course. Btw the variable “parameter” is of type string.