Record a Click activity with 'FullText' method

Hi Everybody,

To automate a process on a desktop system, I am using Native method to record a mouse click/right click by finding text and using occurrence as well. But the Native method only captures the visible image of the screen in the system. There is hidden text below that I know I can scrape using ‘Fulltext’ screen scraping. But this doesn’t allow me to record a mouse click/right click like the Native method.

I am new to Uipath and I am hoping someone could help solve this problem: basically how to record a click activity on a hidden text that i need to scroll down for.


Here is a work around,
Click on F2 while recording which gives you 3 sec delay then scroll down (or pagedown)then you can perform the click activity.

Once done open workflow and add send hotkey(pgdwn) in between of those activity.

Thanks! That seems to work!