To find out and extract terms not hyperlinked in a given content



I have been given a task to extract hyperlinked (there are some terms in a post that must be hyperlinked, if not they are hyperlinked).

The data can be like some 10 to 15 links in home page, each link contains sub-links and then data.

link 1->link2->data

link 1->link2->link3->data

must use re framework, what should I pass into the queues and best activity to locate & extract the terms which aren’t linked.

Using Extract Data you can also get the hyperlink.
A similar example can be found here: Example of Using Data Scraping

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Hi @Areej_fatima,

Not in excel format. Its content with some words hyperlinked.

Ex. Click here to login - where ‘here’ will be hyperlinked.

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Indicate the HyperLink using Get Attribute Activity and select
“href” Attribute as shown in the below image
Let me know if it works or not !!