Download hyperlink from web browser

Hi I would wanna download some hyperlinks from web. The hyperlinks change but it will always remain under “File name”. How do i do that? Much thanks

Hi @monicaong0609

can you try with the For Each UI Element Activity?
Here is an example


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use find children activity, indicate the table and set filter = "<webctrl tag='a' />" to find all hyperlinks in table,

then use for each ui element to loop through the each hyperlink element

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Hi it still doesn’t work. I have set the filter for find children activity to "<webctrl tag='a' />"

Hi @monicaong0609 - Did you try using Data Scraping activity

Studio - About Data Scraping (

hi thanks for the quick response. So i have extract the hyperlink but how do i change it to URL or smg so i can click on it and download?

Will it work better if i use table extraction?

Hi @monicaong0609 ,

If the sole purpose is to download the data by clicking on each of the links and you would not require to store the links anywhere, then maybe Find Children activity is better suited for your case, so that you can access each element by iterating over the retrieved elements and perform the Click on each of the the element one by one.

Even with the Table Extraction method we could do this, but maybe it is a different way, So after you have extracted the links in the Datatable, Loop through the datatable using For Each Row activity, then you might need to use Navigate To activity to open up the link, which then should direct you for the download.

Hi i tried using find children but i still doesnt work ://
I think is not possible with extract table activity as is different web but ultimately is still under “File name”

@monicaong0609 - Will click on that hyperlink only works? How about extracting the data using data scraping (as it worked), enter each url in browser. My understanding was, if you click on the hyperlink, it navigates to a browser, instead of clicking, you can automate to copy that url in a browser then open it

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