Extract Hyperlink Details from Web page

Hi All,

I am trying to fetch all the hyperlinks from the below chrome page and do click one

by one. Can anyone help me on this.

Quick response will be appreciated.
Note : Links are dynamic.


You can use datascrapping here



As @Sudharsan_Ka said, you can extra the URL using data scrap
Otherwise can extract URL by get the attribute method or right-click and copy address and use Get from Clipboard actvity one by one



If you want to open each link or perform clicks on those links…

  1. You can use extract data and get all hyperlinks and then use navigate url


  1. You can use for each ui element inside which you can use a click activity to click open each link

Hope this helps


Hi Gokul,

I tried Data Scrapping but throughing an error “Cannot determine a pattern using the indicated sample elements” even i selecting correct element.

Urls are dynamic every day it will change so i can’t use Get Attribute activity.

Workflow steps :

  1. open “Chrome Platform Status
  2. Filer “110 beta” from Filter By
  3. Fetch all listed Features Hyperlink from the web page and click one by one.

I am facing issue in 3rd step. I tried Data Scrapping,Extract Table, Extract Structured data. But no luck. I think i am missing something here.

Please provide solution for this.