Need to Extract Hyperlinks from a given Datatable along with some non hyperlink columns

Hi all, I want to extract 3 columns named(Start Date, End Date and Actual Title) from the Attached files. And later on I have to Merge the report from these 2 files for the 3 columns mentioned above. And later in the process use it to write it in a different file.

Can anyone help me out? Apart from using BalaReva Activities. Coz I can’t find the package of activities that are used. 3.0.1 is not available.
Would like to Know of some other approach. If anyone can hop in and help
dummyfile.xlsx (9.7 KB)
dummyfile2.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Can you use Macro or not?

I Can use Macro or code as well, if nothing works out, would have to use Macro there. (2.6 KB)
Please find the solution bro, it will give you the address and hyperlink
Let me know if you need further help

Thanks Divyanshu, Sorry I saw it late, this code would help me in getting the Hyperlinks.
Later on mapping these Hyperlinks to data would be a tricky part as looking on your VB.

I already have found the solution for it and would post it here soon.