Extracting URLs from website hyperlink



Looking to extract information from a forum, much like the UI Path forum. I can get a table with topics and metadata, but would like to click into the hyperlink to retrieve contents of each forum and paste it into a worksheet.

Is this possible?



Using Extract Data you can also get the hyperlink. Then, you can use NavigateTo activity for each URL extracted.
A similar example can be found here: https://www.uipath.com/examples/web-scraping-structured-data-get-news.


So I am using UI Path forum as an example, I can extract the Topics, Categories, Replies, Views and Activity. But I can get the URLs or href from source code. In the Mashable example you provided the Extractor has XML coding see below

I would like to do the same but my XML skills are not so great, taking the UI Path forum as a example how would you rewrite this ?


If your URLs have some structures like being placed in a table or other tabular format then you can use the Extract Web Data wizard to generate all the required activities (including the XML meta-data).

If you want all the URLs from a web page or all URLs inside a certain container then you should use “Find Children” activity; you’ll find a snippet for this in UiPath Studio Library pane / Snippets / Loops / For Each Child. You’ll need to add Get Attribute to get the href of each anchor object.


there is no snippet option on my version of UI Path, could you send me an example of the sequence you are describing again I am using UI path forum to write this flow. So if you could create a example sequence from https://forum.uipath.com/ that would be helpful.



I attached the snippet workflow; you’ll need to update the target for Find Children activity.

snippet.xaml (8.2 KB)