The control does not support select item

I am selecting the highlighted item but it is unfortunately showing me the error.

I don’t know why is that so. Where can we indicate the select item on screen.


Use Click activities to click on the drop down
Again place a click activity and use dynamic selector to click on the month

Hope this helps you


If you know the month to be entered, can you possibly use Type Into activity directly? I think it will be a better solution as compared to Select Item.

Well I know that already. I am trying to do it from Select item activity.

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Some cases the select Item activity throws the above error you have given, so we have to continue with click activity

Hope this helps you

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@Srini84 @KM1996.
Thank you for your feedback. but in my assignment I have to do it from Select item activity.


We already done our assignments, so i believe there will be no issue


If anyone have idea of doing this from select item activity then do let me know.
Thank you

Not all dropdown are supported for the Select item as their properties are different.
So here u can go with click.

@nashrahkhan, i think website had undergone some changes that is why u are not be use select item activity to select dropdown values.

Earlier it was possible to select dropdown values by select item

Now i think it is not possible

So kindly use the approach suggested by @Srini84

Hope it helps you


Nived N
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It could also be that the dropdown is made like so on purpose, to simulate real-world a bit better (when things could be a bit trickier).

In assignment 01 and 02 select item for selecting month in drop down does not support, You have to first click on the drop down then use again click activity with dynamic selector in it. Mean you have to pass month in the 2nd selector dynamically.

Could you explan how to “pass month in the 2nd selector dynamically”? thank you.

Hi @jin-kui.gao

Can u show share the 2nd selector when u Indicate any month?

Hi please change the browser use IE or opera it will be fix

Hi NIVED, I got it, thank you.
In the selector Editor, with the line of aaname, I right click mouse on the value of aaname, I saw “Choose variable”, I use that one, it works.

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Could you please share workflow

Sequence1.xaml (9.2 KB)

Hello, i use two select item activities.

And this is my dynamic selector


I hope this helps :grinning: