Timeout reached when Remote Desktop Connection


I got problem with RDC. Im using frontoffice robot. When i start process and windows with connection is open then works fine but when windows will be minimalize or disconnected then robot dosent work giving message that Timeout was reached.

Please if anyone can help me with this problem ?

Many thanks.


Hi @fudi5

What do you mean by “when windows will be minimized”? If you mean that your virtual machine window looses focus, you should try this:

As to the session that is disconnected, it is a bit more tricky. It is possible to run a process on a virtual machine if you schedule a job via Orchestrator on an unattended robot license.

hi @loginerror

I mean by “when windows will be minimized” that situation in which i have maxamized windows on all my screen and i can see connection by RDP and i can see what robot do. When i click minimized window and its hide in toolbar in windows desktop then robot stop working.


When you minimize a RDP session it turns off the GUI interaction, therefore it times out. When you are running jobs like this to avoid any problems you can simply just change focus to other windows (like keep it in window form, so you can switch back and forth between windows).

However, you can change the Registry to suppress this feature. Look at the link that loginerror posted, because it explains how to change this setting.


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Hello Fudi,

Were you able to solve this issue when Remote Desktop is disconnected?

Note: By robot works on that Remote Desktop itself and not on Local desktop