Timeout Reached happens sometimes and other times don't

Hi everyone, how are you?

So basically we have a new VM running 3 robots and sometimes, the process stops with error of timeout reached. The weird thing is that most of the time the process runs without any problems.

This same processes previously was running on other machine and this error didn’t occur.

Have any of you had this issue and managed to come over it?

Thanks for your help.


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Did you try using a retry activity on the activity that is failing…

Or better add a verififcation for the actions performed …so that it can be recovered…it might be some environment issues as well…its very broad to say from this perspective…but anove resolutions might help


you can try to close the priviously opened tasks and then try to run. or you can put try catch when this happned try to end priviously memry consuming task and run again by providing some retry counter or like that.

Thank you.

The timeout error happens randomly, It’s not always on the same activity.

We were having this on user2, and right now it started doing on user1. Sometimes happens on all three users, sometimes in just one.

This processes runs for around 1 hour, every hour.
But the error generally occurs in 5 to 10 minutes.


Please observe the screenshots if there are any differences…and try looking at the event logs on windows when it occurs to see if aomething is wierd


Hi @Anil_G sorry for the late replay.

The screenshots doesn’t show nothing in particular, only the application opened.

However, looking in the trace, we saw some “Wait Queue Item Timeout reached”.
The problem is that the activity has a Continue on Error as true, and it doesn’t happens on others machines.

Any idea what this could mean?

Thanks for everyones help.