Activity timeout reached

Hello there,

i encountered an timeout issue on the productive VM since one week.
The screenshot shows the open browser but the activate activity reaches the timeout.
If i use a parallel windows session in the VM the bot runs to the next activitiy (“Find Element”) and ends in a timeout exception.

Any ideas?

Hi @Tobi.Boydak,

This might be happening since it is trying to find the Ui element to activate but cannot find it. Check if the element is getting hidden or if there is a selector issue. Try making the selector dynamic if there is a selector issue. If it is none of these then please provide more details like screenshot of the error and the activity selectors used.


Hi @Savan_S_Bangoria,

thanks for the quick response.
The bot has been running for the last few months without any problems. Since the beginning of March, the problem with the timeout occurred. It does not always appear but only from time to time. Therefore, I think that it recognizes the UI and there is another trigger.


Can you confirm if the bot is installed in service mode

And also is the session getting logged out properly?

When the bot fails is there someone who logged in before bot and kust disconnected? Without logging off?

Ideally we have to log off/signout the machine…Not shutdown thought…

It might be because the session is left open

Alternately try the robot settings in orchestrator to set login to console as false by enabling it

Hope this helps


Hi @Tobi.Boydak

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May be this could be the reason for the time out

  1. One reason is that the robot is waiting for some elements to appear on the screen and the element is not available on the screen even after the 30 seconds (default) timeout. This could happen if the application is slow to load, if the selector is incorrect, or if the element is hidden or dynamic.

  2. Robot is waiting for some elements to come on the screen and the element is not fully loaded in the system even though it appears visually.

To avoid this issue try and check the below points

First thing is the robot has been installed in the service mode ? As @Anil_G said.

• Use Wait For Ready property to specify when to perform an action (None, Interactive, Complete)

• Use Retry Scope activity to repeat an action until a condition is met or a timeout is reached (

• Use Element Exists activity to check if an element exists before performing an action on it