Exception "Timeout reached." on virtual machine

Hi, I have deployed two process on Orchestrator with Unattended Robot running on virtual machine. Each process execute successfully when both process run separately one by one, but when both process triggered same time first process executes and second process added in queue, first process run successfully without any exception and second process which was added in queue throw exception “Timeout reached.”

Queued process always throw the exception “Timeout reached.”

Please help.

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If possible can i have a view on the full exception message, even with a screenshot
Cheers @amittechie

I do not have screenshots, I have orchestrator log message, exception comes on click event activity “System error at initialization: Timeout reached. at Source: Click Text ‘Server List’”. Same is working fine if it will run without added in queue process.

ok so kindly increase the TIMEOUT property in the click activity from default 30000 to 60000
and try once
Cheers @amittechie

I have already checked by increasing timeout property or changing with other activity it didn’t work. I have already said that same is working fine if this process run separately without added in queue.

It seems that This issue is not related to development end this is related to unattended robot.

Can we run multiple process by using single unattended robot?

Yes, you can run multiple processes by using single unattended robot.

Hi @amittechie , Have you solved this issue? We are getting same timeout reached error & also failing while taking screenshot to understand the issue.