Error: Activity Timeout Exceeded, no reason found



Hi Forum,

since I finished my last development I´m facing a weird error.
I did an automation in a Java-based online application. Inside the testsystem I never faced that error. Since we pushed the process into the livesystem, I get every 10-15min the activity timeout error.

The application in itself is quite unstable and not very easy to handle but it´s working now beside that error quite well.
The crazy part is this error is not really thrown. The process finish´s normally (we checked it in the system and the data was there). After comparing the logs there is no extra log´s or something different from the log of a “correct” process. Just that one extra log, that an System Exception Mail was send.

Anyone had something similar so far too? We use the Studio 2.6 Version and the 2018 2.3 orchestrator.

Thanks a lot!