Activity timeout never reached

Hello Community,

Sometimes I encounter a problem where robot “pauses” on a random activity when an unexpected application error window pops up,

Robot is doing various click, type into, get text activites, and when a random application error window pops up the robot is waiting forever. It doesn’t stop and throws no error.

The workflow is prepared to catch any unknown error and restart application due to timeout.

When I manually close the popup, the robot resumes without error and continues.

Many activities has WAIT FOR READY property set to COMPLETE, Does it override the default activity timeout?

Hi @Sparrow,
You can test it by adding Delay activity for couple seconds before other let say ‘problematic’ activities. You will see if this will help.


Using Delay activity between other activities is a good approach?

Not ideal but for test purposes why not to try?


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Thanks for the tip, but it didn’t worked. The pop window is totally random and seldom. I have 50+ ui interactions within the app windows, and there is no control when it appears. It looks like warning popup window disables all the controls within the application, and re-enables them after “OK” is clicked. This causes the robot to pause.

Is there any way to execute the timeout of given activity and throw an error? This would allow application restart and recovery.

Could you try run the whole thing in a parallel? One route would be to constantly monitor for that pop up and if it appears click OK?


Hi @Sparrow,

@TimK is correct.

If you want to continue processing, you can set an ‘Element-Exists’ within a ‘Do-While’ loop in ‘Parallel’ to your current existing process, and then depending on what you want to do when the pop-up appears, you can go forth and:

  1. Close the applications and let your re-try mechanism kick in.
  2. Click ‘OK’ and let it resume the execution.

What I am also interested in is, how many times do you expect this erroneous pop-up in a single end-to-end flow execution? (as this may affect the kind of solution/workaround you’ll need to build for this behavior)


Thanks. This seems very ok. Robot is processing a few hundreds of items per day everyday for 10 hours. The pop appears few times a week. After closing the popup everything is fine for hours. Intercepting and servicing this dialog box once should be enough.

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