Timeout property of Click Image

I am using click image activity to perform a click in putty window in jump server.
After executing a command in putty i need to wait for approx 4 mins before i can perform a click in it.
i am giving 270000 ms to timeout activity but its waiting for 30 seconds only.
i want it to wait for 270000 ms.
Is there any way i can achieve it?
Please Help

@sumit.bawariya - welcome to community!
After executing the command → try to add a delay activity and set “00:04:00”

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Actually, my element sometimes appears before 4 minutes also

1.I thought to add delay earlier but delay will give whole 4 minutes wait even if the activity appeared.
2.I used timeout so that even if the activity appears before 4 minutes(may be at 3 or 3:30 mins) timeout will begin to execute further activity but unfortunately timeout is not working in this case

@sumit.bawariya - you can perform a while loop with elementexists as a condition
inside loop → add a 20/30 sec delay…
once your elementexists return True → you can perform your next activities…