Time out and Delay Before - Relation

Hi Team,

I have a basic doubt. When I give “Delay Before” and “Timeout” together for “Click Image” event like this given below,


Delay before - 8 secs
TimeOut - 10 secs

Now the actual Time out happens after 10 secs or it will delay 8 sec and 10 sec for timeout = 18 sec total it will take to timeout?

@Deeipauk I feel it will be 18 secs


@Deeipauk, It will completely wait for 8 sec.(like delay) for loading Element.And after 8 seconds it will wait for 10 seconds not completely.(If Element appears before 10 Seconds) then It will click and Proceed to Next Activity. So Total time 18 seconds.


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@Deeipauk Actually Total Time will be 18 secs but the timeout will Still be 10 Secs :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @supermanPunch , @Snehal14Kapse .
This is interesting, so I can give wait for 8 seconds and Timeout for 5 seconds also

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