Activity TimeOut is not working

Hi, If you see I have set a timeout 600000 ms. But my activity is not waiting for the 600000 ms, It’s executing the next activity. Suppose it should wait but it’s keep executing the next activities. I have set WaitForRead - Complete.


When you want this delay, before on element appear or after that???..

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May be that Pending image disappeared within that time, do you want wait till 600000ms, or till that image vanish?

If the image get vanished within 10000 then it wont wait till 600000ms, it will continue with the next activity, that timeout is the maximum limit to wait.

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I want for this activity only. I want this activity wait till it complete the task. That’s way I gave the max timeout. Bcz now what happened it’s not completed the task execute the next activity after this activity.
What I want to this On Element Vanish Activity wait until it’s complete the task. Once done then executing the next activity. But it’s not working.

Yes I want to wait till that Image get Vanish, But now it’s not waiting for the Image to Vanish after set the max timeout is 600000. Bcz this image text takes time to change around 30-40 sec not fixed timing. That’s way I set the timeout is 600000. I want this activity wait till Pending text changed. But now it’s not waiting for the Pending to Vanish.

Note - It’s not a Image it’s a text bro.

see the screenshot.


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Yesterday we tried with what element vanish
Did wait image vanish helped us on this
Cheers @balkishan

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Hi Palani, Tried all similar activities which you suggested, but it’s not working. Sometime working sometime not working.

I set the timeout to 600000 so my On Element Vanish Activity wait till 600000, but it’s not working also, It’s timeout before Pending Vanish.

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Then the only option is delay buddy
That Tom the sequence would be like this
—use Image exists activity and look for the image first and get the output with a Boolean variable named bool_image
—now use a IF condition like this
bool_image = True
If true it will go to THEN part where we can use a DELAY activity and set a time around 00:00:20 and check again followed by this delay activity inside THEN part with a image exists and a IF condition and the set of activities to be followed in this inner if then part

Or it will go to ELSE part where we can use set of activities to followed once after image vanishes

Like this
Image exists
Image exists
And continue with set of activities
Else —leave it empty
With set of activities to be continued with

Yah it’s bit slow when compared to using the suggested activities but we ca split the TimeSpan in the delay here so that it will get matched

And as we were discussing using while loop, again in that we need to use a image exists or delay activity to find whether it’s there or not

So this method would be fine

Cheers @balkishan


Bro, here we can’t use a image Exist activity. But we can use Element Exist. Bcs it’s giving anything in the selectors when we use image exist except link and the url of website. But we can use Element Exist activity.
I used the Image Exist it’s highliting the complete page.

Then fine
I wasn’t aware of that
Then we cann use element exists and try once
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @balkishan

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Okay let my try bro. But make sure we have to wait for Pending to Vanish. Otherwise there is no use of the process.

Pls go ahead

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