This machine key is linked to another machine

Hi everyone,

I tried to update my software version using the installer from Orchestrator. I accidentally unticked the option to upgrade Studio, which apparently means the installer will remove the existing version of studio.

Now, I can’t get back into Studio or assistant. The messages I’m seeing are:

Connected to Orchestrator but was unable to retreive a license. Please contact your automation department.

When I hover over the message, it elaborates this key is already in use on another machine.

I deleted the machine from Orchestrator and re-created it.

Then I confirmed the license was allocated correctly to the tenant.

I’m looking at robots, and there seems to be two robots with the same name. I can’t work out how to delete these?

Super frustrated with this. Please help.


Whatever you see in robots are actually coming from users…so go ahead and check the manage access page and delete the users and recreate and assign the appropriate roles again


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